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      Thank you for visiting us, we love sharing our passion for cycling culture and fashion with the whole world, and as true cyclists everyone who rides is a friend of ours.

      It´s awesome to have people from outside Colombia coming to our store, as we like to say here "siéntete como en casa" (feel like at home). In case you are wondering if we ship internationally to the US, Canada, Europe or Asia Pacific countries, the answer is yes we do!

      We rely on DHL for our international shipments, they are really quick and the shipping costs - considering the grand tour distances - are pretty good up to 1.5 Kg (approx 10 t-shirts), it may vary if you order several sweatshirts or hoodies:

      • Americas (North, Central, Caribbean, and South America.) USD 18 
      • Europe USD 22
      • Asia Pacific USD 24

        Do you have any questions, or would like to talk to someone in our team to help you out? Easy, chat with us via WhatsApp or on Instagram we´ll answer pretty quick.

        If you´re from outside and would like to send someone  within Colombia something from our shop dont hesitate to ask, or as we say here " de una!" (right away) count on us.